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Preparing for sale

Ensure you have all of the information needed to sell your house or land for a private sale.

Download our comprehensive free guide to selling your own house which will help you every step of the way!

Set a realistic market value price based on the size and features of your property. Researching current properties in your area and other online properties is a good way to do this, or we can refer you to an independent valuer.

Make an appointment to see your local conveyancing agent or family solicitor. This is important because the legal requirements for Vendor statements, contract of sale and property title transfer are different in each State or Territory.

These documents can be prepared very quickly and easily for you by your local conveyancing agent or solicitor. And you will be very pleasantly surprised how modest the costs are compared to what agents charge!

Finishing touches. Repair and repaint where necessary, de-clutter and clean your property in preparation for pictures and inspections. Ensure pictures accurately highlight the best features of your property.

Now, you're all set to sell your house or land or any kind of property