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Open For Inspection

Please note that State level COVID-19 protection measures must be strictly observed at all times during inspections using approved QR codes issued by relevant state authorities


This is where to test the empowerment begins because you are in control

It's your home and you know how to present it to get the best results. Using our free inspection guide you can show people through in your time preference and availability, rather being pushed in to a time slot that doesn't suit you.

No agent can do a better job of showing off your home or property. It's really no different to showing people you home who come around for a BBQ or dinner!

Real Estate Your Way gives your property 24 X 7 internet exposure, and you can also contibute by sharing your listing details with everyone in your own networks (both personal and professional).

We recommend that you print and distribute your personalised property flyers in your local area to let everyone know that you are selling your house or property and where to find your listing. This will make it easy for them to tell their friends and colleagues, giving you the power and advantages of viral marketing.

Buyers will be able to contact you directly via the Real Estate Your Way enquire function, ensuring your privacy and control over who you choose to deal with. Plus, you can call them when it's convenient for you, rather than having to deal with an on-going stream of phone call enquiries and messages.